4 Signs You Have Rodents In Your Drains! And How to Get Them Out


Nobody wants to share their property with a rodent infestation. Especially not rats. As they are intrusive and destructive. Additionally, they can cause serious illnesses. Are you worrying that you have a rat infestation in your drainage system? Here are the 4 signs that you need to know, to determine if you have rodents in your drains!

1. Strange Noises

The first sign of a rat infestation is noticing any strange noises within your pipes. Sounds such as scratching, gnawing or even scurrying. If so, then there it is highly likely that you have rodents in your drains. Rat activity has a very distinctive sound. And hearing these sounds within a drainage system, or in the walls of a property, is a pretty accurate way of identifying an infestation.

2. Distinctly Unpleasant Odours

Secondly, a smelly drain can indicate many potential issues. For example, a blockage or a break. The smell from a rat infestation, however, is quite distinct. If you notice your drains smell strongly of stale ammonia, it indicates an infestation. Rat urine has this very strong unique smell.

3. Evidence of Rodents In or Around Your Drains

This sign may seem obvious but look for evidence to determine if you have rats within a drainage system. This evidence includes burrow holes surrounding or close to a manhole. Burrow holes are small, maybe about 2 – 3 inches wide. Additionally, open up a manhole. And look for droppings left by the rat.

4. Damage to the Pipes

And finally finding unexpected damage to the pipes within a drainage system is a clear indication of an infestation. For example, any new and unexplained cracks or holes. Rats use their teeth to chew through things like pipes and cement. As a result, they damage the pipes. The damage they cause is very distinct. Luckily enough because it makes it easy to identify if a rat is the cause. However, it can be highly destructive. And needs resolving ASAP.

Worried about getting rodents in your drains? And want to get them out? Call Blocked Drains Meath now for preventative tips