Damaged drains are the most common way rats gain entrance to domestic properties. The last manhole on your property before the road is the most likely suspect for a rat getting into the domestic drains. However, even though you may find how they get in, you also need to know how they get out, into the house.

Calling in a professional drainage company, such as Blocked Drains Meath is the way to go. We have specialised CCTV equipment, allowing us to check all your hard-to-reach pipework and find where the rat enters and exits the drains.

Once the damaged pipe has been located, it will need repairing. Once the repair has been carried out, we then recommend for a Rat blocker to be installed within the drain to be able to prevent rats from entering the drains at any further time.

Blocked Drains Meath are the leading providers of drain inspections and repairs in the Ace House. Our expert team are on hand to provide a thorough and efficient rodent investigation & control service. Get in touch today to find out more.