3 Common Causes of Recurrent Drain Blockages


A single blocked drain in a home or business can be annoying. However, it is usually a quick problem to resolve. All you really need is a plunger. Recurrent drain blockages, however, can be disastrous. If you are experiencing frequent drain blockages, you need a professional drain company. Diagnosing the cause of the blockages is necessary. There are many reasons that one drainage system would experience multiple blockages. However, here are the three most common causes of recurrent drain blockages that we deal with.

1. Misusing drains can cause recurrent drain blockages

Improperly disposing of things like wipes, sanitary wear, cotton wool, or excess tissue down a toilet is a recipe for a blocked drain. And putting food debris or grease and fats down the sink drain will also cause significant blockages. Additionally leaving leaves and other gardening debris to clog external drains will also cause recurrent drain blockages. This type of blocked drain is easily preventable. Just be mindful of what is going into the drains. And avoid those things listed above.

2. Broken or damaged pipes cause recurrent drain blockages

If you are experiencing a recurrent blocked drain, the cause could be due to a fracture or break in the line. if there is damage to a drain then the debris is likely causing the blockage. This is why a drain inspection is necessary. A survey will identify the extent of the damage and remove the debris. Removing the debris is just the beginning. It is essential to repair the damage. As the longer there is damage, the more costly it will become to repair it. Not to mention you run the risk of escalating the damage, or getting rats.

3. Tree roots impeeding on the pipes

And finally, tree roots can cause recurrent drain blocks. If you have any trees on or near your property and you are experiencing drain blockages, then it is possible that the tree roots are growing into the sewer pipe. Thus causing the blockage. This problem is more common than people think.

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